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Presentation Skills Training

Our seasoned professionals are back by popular demand and successful ratings from previous training programs to offer a new session of the Instructor led online Microsoft Office Presentation Skills training program.

Equip yourself with fundamental tools for effective PowerPoint presentations. Explore PowerPoint animations, professional chart creation, and basic functions. Learn to create slides, use animation features, understand color theory, and insert media. Discover keyboard shortcuts, advanced presentation designs, UX principles, accessibility, and data analysis functions for business presentations.

Program details:

  • Fundamental Tools That You Will Need in MS PowerPoint
  • An Introduction to PowerPoint Animations
  • Create professional and good-looking charts
  • Create professional and good-looking charts
  • How to use Microsoft PowerPoint and its basic functions
  • How to create slides
  • How to use the animation functions
  • Color theory
  • How to create tables, charts, and figures
  • How to use the photo, text, and object functions
  • How to insert media (videos, audio, photos)
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts
  • How to create advanced presentation designs
  • How to create casual and professional presentations
  • UX Principles
  • How to make your presentation accessible to everyone
  • How to use Data Analysis functions for business presentations

Training length: 1-6 hours